Your Personal Gallery

Member gallery Collage.jpg

As a member of the Australian Association of Street Photographers, you can have your own gallery on the AASPI website.

Every image on this website is considered for sale, with no commission taken. If there is any inquiry regarding the purchase of one of your images, then TeamAASPI will put the buyer in contact with the photographer to work out the details.

You will own the copyright of all images.

Simply send up to 30 of your street photography images to the TeamAASPI mailbox, along with a short artist bio of yourself, and any social media links you wish to include (eg, website, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook page, etc)

Images should be,

  • Your own work
  • In the genre of Street Photography.
  • 1024 pixels on longest side.
  • .jpg or .png format
  • Each image should be named "Your name - image title"

Please note,

Though we will be very flexible with your interpretation of street photography the images will be curated. Images may be rejected if,

  • They are not your own work
  • You are not a member
  • They are considered too far removed from the genre of street photography.
  • They are considered offensive or disrespectful
  • They contain nudity (we wish to be a family friendly website, and suitable for work)
  • Any other issue (eg legal, privacy etc) results in the need to remove or reject the image.

If any image is rejected you will be given the opportunity to submit a replacement.

As the sale of any image is transacted between yourself and the purchaser, all legal and tax requirements, and any other issues will be your responsibility.

Retrospective terms and conditions may be imposed on all gallery submissions, and you will be advised by email if this occurs.

Finally, you may request your gallery be removed at any time, and your images not displayed on the ASSPI website.